UNIGRAPHICA’s Inkjet Solutions


The Family JETSTAR inkjet print modules combines the best of different worlds: speed, high resolution and valuable solutions for the digital printing market. High-quality imprinting capabilities make this print engine ideal for: 

•    Security printing applications (cheques, notary documents, etc.)
•    Personalized addressing and direct-mail messaging
•    Forms and catalogs
•    Barcodes
•    Statements and bills
•    Lottery and gaming tickets

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C432 w PWC 1
C432 w PWC 1


C432_Left Front_small_1
C432_Left Front_small_1

C432 w PWC 1
C432 w PWC 1


Its modular design provides you with a flexible, cost effective imprinting platform that is already UNIGRAPHICA tested and validated. The JETSTAR inkjet print module can print at speeds up to 200 Meter/Minute (approx. 656 feet per minute) with 600x600 dpi and is available in the print sizes of 108mm, 216mm, 324mm,432mm, 540mm, 648mm and 1'080mm.
The JETSTAR inkjet System is also available for Color applications! Ask for more Information!

UNIGRAPHICA Transport System for Digital Printing

UNIGRAPHICA TransJet is a new developed processing in the field of multiple application transport systems for high speed digital printing. Depending on its configuration the TransJet can integrate various digital printing systems including all controllers and dryers. The concept of TransJet enables the installation of other application as well as perforation, plow folding varnishing and cameras. Pneumatic moveable pulling rollers simplify the manual web in-feed and reduce the start-up time to a minimum. By using the 2-level configurated duplex version no turn bar is required which results in an ultimate print precision.

Due to servo driven in- and out feeds the system works independently of pre- or post-installed modules. This enables the system to change from reel to reel, reel to sheet or reel to fanfold production without changing the configuration and adjustments of the TransJet system.

UNIGRAPHICA TransJet, your first step into the world of high-speed digital printing up to 300 m/min and more.

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