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FUJIFILM 42K Printbar System

The FUJIFILM 42K Printbar System supports commercial printing, direct mail, and transaction documents as well as packaging applications such as folding cartons and corrugated printing. Print service providers are looking for cost effective ways to maximize their investment in inkjet printing technology and add digital printing to address their needs for reliable production.


The FUJIFILM 42K Printbar System provides a high productivity, comprehensive add-on solution for imprinting or can become part of an engineered system for a competitive edge.

The system uses the renowned FUJIFILM Samba printhead with 1,200 dpi to meet your print requirements from single page to multiple page imposition in any print width needed, and with print speeds over 300 meters per minute (1,000 feet per minute).

This advanced printing solution boasts a range of Fujifilm developed technologies targeted to meet your needs for productivity, high uptime, and reliability, ensuring smooth production and quality output.  

This system can scale with the needs of your printing business in support of growing applications such as customer communications and publishing:  


  • Security printing applications (cheques, notary documents, etc.)

  • Personalized addressing and direct-mail 

  • Forms and catalogs

  • Barcodes

  • Statements and bills

  • Lottery and gaming tickets

  • Form-based transaction imprinting 

  • Book and publication printing

Additionally, a range of packaging segments are now prime candidates for add-on inkjet imprinting that are incorporated where secondary printing provides brands with not only track & trace, but also differentiated late stage customization. 

  • Secondary printing of packaging applications including 

      > Corrugated Cartons

      > Folding Cartons

  • A broad range of coding and marking

42K Printbar System - Brochure

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