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Inkjet Technology

The X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology is a modular imprinting product for adding digital printing in-line with conventional printing or on finishing lines. Imprinting is commonly used for adding variable printed content to a range of applications. The X-BAR provides the print quality of 1200 dpi at printing speeds up to 1000 feet per minute, which is fast enough to keep pace with some of the fastest analog press lines in web-fed commercial production today. These capabilities are offered with state of the art Fujifilm inkjet technology in print widths including 4” and 9“ for partial and full page printing.

Digitize your conventional press!

X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology is your path for digitizing your conventional press. Now you are capable of producing high value applications including direct mail, catalogs, and magazines by adding full variable data to the fixed offset printing. You can add personalized content or promotion, web activated QR codes, document security features, as well as localized mapping and many more features.

Adding X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology to your press can help add capabilities to print static content, versioning, and full page by page customization.

High Up Time – Print all the time, Print any time!

X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology uses the latest technology in drop-on-demand inkjet based on FUJIFILM Samba printhead technology. At the core of the product is technology that prevents ink from drying on or within the printing system, disrupting printing, or requiring frequent cleaning of dried ink to recover from down time. High up time and fast make-ready time are enhanced by Fujifilm’s patented REDIJET® ink recirculation system that ensures printbars are instantly primed and that ink is constantly recirculating in a closed fluid loop. Added benefits are also attributed to our proprietary printhead coating. This means the ability to rapidly restart the system after press down time such as after job changes or web breaks.

Low maintenance costs

Minimizing the risk of dried ink within the X-BAR has a direct and positive impact on maintenance time. With little to no accumulation of dried ink within the system, regular system refurbishment is not required. All that is needed is relatively simple preventive maintenance. The FUJIFILM Samba MEMS printhead has no internal wear mechanisms and is rated for trillions of actuations that with proper handling and routine maintenance can result in many years of profitable operation. With high reliability, and no need for refurbishment, fewer spare printbars are needed in inventory and less time is needed managing the logistics of swapping printbars into and out of service.

A complete print system from the innovators at Fujifilm

Though the FUJIFILM Samba printhead is a key component, there is far more to the X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology than a FUJIFILM Samba printhead. The system’s fluid management system, electrical system, and control system are each optimized for the highest image quality and the most reliable sustained jetting over extended periods. This requires rigorous engineering and extensive testing to ensure thermal and fluid performance. Unlike most common third-party system integrators, Fujifilm’s systems engineers work hand-in-hand each day with the inventors of printhead technology.  This intimate technical collaboration ensures our systems have maximum performance backed by the confidence of working with Fujifilm.

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