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Fujifilm’s imprinting solutions allow digital inkjet printing to be integrated directly onto existing analogue production lines for a broad range of printing and industrial applications.

Fujifilm is unique in that it is a company that has developed its own industry leading core inkjet
technologies, and added the ability to integrate these technologies into existing processes. This means that Fujifilm’s printhead designers, ink technologists and integration specialists work together to ensure optimum system performance and reliability for the required application, and once built, are able to take ownership of the complete solution. Fujifilm can therefore provide all components necessary to successfully integrate a digital solution into an existing production line:

• Printhead & printbar design
• Inks & substrates
• Electronics & software
• Print systems
• Transport systems (web and sheet)

What also sets Fujifilm apart are the industry leading printheads and ink at the heart of the company’s imprinting solutions. Samba printheads are found in many of the industry’s leading digital printing systems, as they combine the very highest quality, productivity and reliability, with the flexibility to be used with a variety of different inks and fluids. Fujifilm has now built these printheads into a number of scalable printbar configurations which, when combined with UV or aqueous ink technologies, result in best-in-class imprinting solutions.

A solution configured to your application
Fujifilm’s approach is critical to ensure that any imprinting system can be configured to meet
specific application requirements. This is achieved by a dedicated team of multi-disciplined engineers working together to understand the print performance demands and production process. This then results in a specification for a system configuration that delivers exactly what is needed, including attributes like print width, print quality, colour channels, pre- and posttreatment, printed product performance and regulation compliance.

Integration into your production process
Many production setups are different, requiring a customised approach to integrate imprinting. Other production setups demand the scaled deployment of standard systems across sites. Fujifilm has the expertise and scale to accommodate both types of approach, and for the latter, can provide standard designs to accommodate multi-site roll outs and standard operating interfaces so workforce training is streamlined and consistent across sites. Whatever the configuration, proof-of-concept, testing and validation stages are built into the system development to ensure streamlined implementation on site.


Further information on our solution offerings is available under the following links:


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Imprinting Solutions

Imprinting Solutions

Imprinting Solutions
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FUJIFILM Unigraphica - Modular Print Innovation

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Fujifilm Inline Inkjet

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