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46kUV Printbar System

The FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar is a Samba® UV inkjet printbar that can be added to an analog printing press for the addition of variable data on labels and packaging at 1200 DPI. 

The FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar brings unrivaled print quality to single-pass, in-line print production.

With the 1200 dpi resolution of the Samba® printhead, the FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar provides fonts as small as 2 point to fit even the most demanding applications where label size is limited.

With flexible range of print widths and configurations, the FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar can seamlessly integrate into your current print production process. A wide variety of substrates can be used with the FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar.

For more information visit: Products & Solutions - Integrated Industrial Inkjet Print Solutions | FUJIFILM

The FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar incorporates several of Fujifilm’s proprietary technologies, including the Samba® printhead, which enables superb drop placement accuracy and uniformity for best-in-class image quality.

The system also includes:

Cleaning and capping module

The cleaning/capping module is specially designed with precision engineered components to help maintain optimal image quality throughout the life of the 46kUV product.

At the touch of a button only once per shift, the cleaning/ capping module cleans the printhead nozzle plate to address misdirected or lost nozzles

46kUV Printbar System - Brochure

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